Thursday, June 02, 2011

Introduction to the SMC Corporation

There have been several articles that have appeared online in the past few months about the Specialty Merchandise Corporation. The company is a resource for people who have the desire to be their own boss.

The office for the is in Fontana, California. For 60 years they have provided items to small business owners. Items can be sold through home parties, flea markets or online websites. The business owners choose the products you want to sell and the method that they want to use to sell the items.

The business owner chooses the method that fits their business the best. It gives them the freedom to run their business the way they see fit. No one is looking over their shoulder to dictate how an items must be advertised or sold.

Of course, there are times when questions will arise. One of the most common questions to come up is how to price the items that are offered for sale. Each item has a suggested retail price. The owner can charge that price or offer the item to the customer at a discount.

When the sale is complete the company will package and drop ship the item to the customer.

Membership in the smc corp is open to everyone. Becoming a member gives you instant access to over 3000 items in their warehouse. Training and customizable catalogs are also available.

Small businesses don't have to worry about having supplies of inventory on hand. Labor hours are saved since the business owner doesn't have to handle, store, pack and ship the merchandise.

You can find out more information at the smc review about getting started today.

~~Many thanks to SMC for sponsoring this blog.~~

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