Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do you choose to support victims of sexual assault

We do and we're asking you to do the same. It's not hard or complicated. Our organization is having a Social Media Speakout in April 2011. It's Sexual Assautl Awareness Month and we invite you to come along and help raise awareness.

Stats from the U.S. are sobering. Did you know that someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes? The goals of this online event are to raise awareness and support victims.

All you need to do to support victims of sexual assault is to copy the social media status update below. Then go to your favorite social media site. Paste the social media status update to your profile and invite your friends to do the same.

It only takes 2 minutes to come here, get the update and post it. It may be a simple thing for us to do but it means the world to the survivors who see your update.

You can help us out even further by getting your friends in on the action. If you have a close friend who doesn’t post the update ask him or her why not. It could be that they didn’t see the update or that they need support too.

Social Media Status Update for April 21, 2011
I choose to stand by victims of sexual assault. Do you? Post this to your status to support victims. #SAAM 

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