Monday, January 10, 2011

Resources for Human Trafficking Awareness day 1-11-11

Are  you looking for resources for Human Trafficking Awareness day? If so, you're in the right place. While te month of January is designated to raising awareness one day in particular has been set aside as an awareness day. Join us all today, January 11 as we speak out about this issue.

If you believe that slavery is over you are wrong. Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Every year millions of women, children and men are sold into the sex industry or as laborers. Victims show up on farms, in homes as child care providers and in brothels.

The Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking in Knoxville is making it easy for us to become abolitionists in this new era. To raise awareness they simply ask that you be a "light in the darkness". All you have to do is wearing white on 1.11.11. Most of us have a white shirt, jacket or blouse that we can wear. If not, it's easy to fold a ribbon or make a white armband. It couldn't be easier to speak out against human trafficking.

Churches and faith based communities can get teach their congregations to look beneath the surface. By using resources for human trafficking awareness it's possible to educate and inform groups. Every one person that understands is one person who can potentially help another.

Churches looking for resources for Human Trafficking Awareness Day or month may be interested in the following links:
The National Human Trafficking Hotline is 1.888.3737.888


Deb said...

Someone is going to speak on this topic at our daughter's church. That wouldn't be you, would it? New Market Baptist Church?

Gayle said...

Hi Deb,

Sorry. It's not me. If you ever do hear of anyone in need of a speaker please pass my name along. We're picking up the pace in community education. :)