Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's time to stop the violence. Domestic abuse can end.

When it comes to violence, domestic abuse should never be on the list. The sad reality is that for many people across the world it is an all too common phenomenon. Statistics are still saying that 1:3 women will be a victim of violence (domestic) in her lifetime.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Women should be able to be safe in their homes and with the people that we love. Women are not the only victims of abuse in the home. We are hearing about a growing number of men who are victims of violence. Domestic abuse knows no boundaries. Everyone’s life is touched in some way but not stops to think about it.

There are ways that agencies and programs like ours are working to stop the violence. Domestic Violence Awareness Month happens annually in October. It is a huge help when it comes to educating people about what domestic abuse is and how to stop it.

Many people don’t realize that there is a cycle to this form of violence. Domestic abuse starts out with name calling and then can progress to physical altercations, sexual assault or even loss of life.

We have free brochures that you can download and print out. These are all available online. You can print as many copies you want. We don’t put a copy limit on the number that you can give out. (Really, we probably couldn’t enforce a limit if we wanted to have one.)

The materials from our site can be taken to work, put out there on the church bulletin board, given to your class at school or college or just shared with friends.

One day, the 1:3 will be 1:0. Send the positive message that together we can end the violence. Domestic abuse can be stopped if we all work to do our part. The victims who are being hurt now deserve our support. Our children in the generations to come deserve to grow up in loving homes where they can feel loved and valued.  

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