Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New show coming to Voices of Hope on Blog Talk Radio

There's a new show coming to Voices of Hope on Blog Talk Radio. We are convinced that you are going to love it!

Beginning Monday night, October 18, 2010 tune in to Biblical Voices of Hope at 9:00 pm with Gayle Crabtree and Teresa Rybolt. Join their journey of healing as the explore the lives of women of the Bible.

Biblical Voices of Hope will apply modern understanding of family violence to age old stores. Survivors of sexual or domestic violence will gain new perspectives and insights to help you heal. The first woman of the Bible that will be discussed is the story of Eve. Learn how family violence tore apart this first family and how a measure of healing was brought to Eve.

Be sure to join us on October 18. The call-in number for all Voices of Hope segments is 718.506.1545. Be sure to mark the show as a favorite and follow these ladies on their journey.  Click the Biblical Voices of Hope link above to learn more.

Topics covered on our Tuesday afternoon Voices of Hope Lunch Buffet have included human trafficking experts, motivational life coaches, authors and more. Search Voices of Hope on this, the Hope for Healing Org blog for a list of all our shows. 

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