Monday, September 13, 2010

Examining your credit history after domestic violence

One of the challenges facing survivors of domestic violence is rebuilding a credit history.  We all know that years of good credit history can be obliterated in a few weeks (or less).

You may have listened to the Voices of Hope broadcast on Blog Talk Radio about finances after domestic violence. Kalyn Risker of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment told us what a credit score is and why it is important.

After the situation has stabilized and long term recovery has begun it may be time to look at your credit history. Websites like can help you get your credit score for free in just a few mouse clicks.

Once you have your credit score and a copy of your credit report you can begin to take the steps to rebuild your financial security after domestic violence.

If you don’t understand your report ask your financial institution or credit union for help. Phone the bank ahead of time to ask if you should make an appointment. Examining your report will have to be done in person. You can’t do it over the phone. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the appointment so you won’t feel rushed.

If your financial institution or credit union can’t help they should be able to make a referral. Ask why they recommend the company and what they like or don’t like. They should be able to explain why they are making the referral.

Rebuilding your financial security after domestic violence can be a daunting challenge. It’s important to remember that you can do it.

We’ll have more on this in upcoming blog posts. Do you have any tips or hints that you would  like to share? If so, please share them with others in the comments section below.

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