Sunday, August 08, 2010

How do you de-stress? Answers to our July poll

Unwinding can be a tough challenge for many people who have never been victimized. As survivors of sexual or domestic violence we can have a particularly difficult time finding a way to relax. So, we decided to get input from our blog readers on how to unwind.

During the month of July, Hope for Healing .org asked the question “How do you de-stress”? and we gave a list of possible questions. Multiple answers could be selected by each participant so the results may add up to over 100%. The end results were intriguing in that all of the answers came up in two-way ties.

Are you ready to see what the answers were? Here’s the final breakdown:

How do you de-stress? Answer #1

66% - Spend time alone.
           Work on a hobby.

How do you de-stress? Answer #2
33% - Talk it out.
           Physical activity.

How do you de-stress? #3
16% - A night out.
           Something else.

What did/would you have chosen?

We know that there are lots of ways to relax. It wasn’t possible to put every activity into the poll. So, if we missed your favorite relaxation technique or if you have something to share feel free to leave a comment. Click where it says “X Comments” right below this post.

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