Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school and domestic violence among students

It’s time for the start of a new school year. Adults expect kids to be filled with excitement and anticipation of all that a new year with bring. But for some kids the excitement isn’t there. Some will be filled with anxiousness and worry because they are already in a bad relationship.
Purple ribbons
raise awareness
of domestic violence.

Domestic violence isn’t something faced only by college students. Kids as young as middle school are finding themselves caught in a cycle of violence.

A Kansas State University professor is saying about 25 percent of high school students are being subjected to abuse. At Hope for Healing.Org we have worked with middle school students who have already been victims.

When we think of domestic abuse we typically think of battered and bruised women. This isn’t always the case. Although date rape is one form of domestic violence the cycle often starts with name calling, controlling behavior or isolation with friends. Then it escalates to physical and or sexual violence.

There are online resources which can help. Talk to your daughter and son about dating abuse. Domestic violence shouldn’t be a part of any relationship because no one deserves to be abused.

Read these tips to help begin the conversation with your student. More are coming soon. 

If you have dealt with domestic violence as a student or on behalf of a student please leave a comment below.  Your experience may help someone else.

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Faith A. said...

Such an important message to be calling attention to. I was a victim of domestic violence starting from the time I started dating my first boyfriend at 15. The only thing I knew about domestic violence was that it could only happen to older women who were married. I never thought it could happen to me. I blamed myself for everything that happened and I had no one to turn to. Even when I tried to talk to teachers or my guidance counselor, no one took it seriously because in their mind I was too young to experience real abuse. In their mind, I was just going through "normal teenage things."
I'm so glad that more awareness is being brought to this topic. Thanks you! Domestic abuse and relationship violence do not just involve older or married women. They can destroy the lives of anyone, regardless of age.