Wednesday, June 09, 2010

ShopWiki expands to Europe

Wouldn’t it be nice to do one internet search and find out everything you need to know about a product? Shopping would be easier if there was no more searching through site after site to compare price and specs.

Finally, there is a solution. ShopWiki is a new shopping site that is revolutionizing online shopping. There is not an easier or more comprehensive site on the internet for looking for deals, details or product comparison.

No matter what item you are searching for ShopWiki scours the web to deliver information and product guides to you from all websites related to the product. It doesn’t matter if the product information comes from a paying partner site or not. Type in the product name and in the flash of an eye product information and price comparisons from all over the web is displayed on your computer screen.

More good news is that ShopWiki is expanding into Europe. It is quickly spreading into European countries like France, Australia and the U.K. among other European countries.

When searching “arts and crafts” then “jewelry making”, the ShopWiki U.K. site yielded similar results as a search on the U.S. based site. ShopWiki excels at finding unique or rare items that you can’t find in a traditional storefront.

Returned was background information on the hobby. This was followed by books on the subject and highlighted some of the needed supplies for jewelry making.

It also allowed me to do some price comparison between different shopping sites. From there I could choose the best deal, read buying guides and view more photos of my item. Searching on the SearchWiki France site yielded similar results in the type of information that was displayed.

This could be invaluable for people who live in Europe and want to send a gift to the United States. All you need to do is go to ShopWiki, click the links and send. The work of price comparison and other details is made easy.

For price comparison, convenience and buying guides it’s going to be hard to beat ShopWiki in any country. Check it out for France or the U.K.?

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