Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lockers help volunteers keep work area tidy

At Hope for one of our vital pieces of equipment was a set of donated lockers. This donated item helped our juvenile offenders and volunteers keep their belongings in a safe location. It also helped our thrift shop and clothing closet remain tidy.

This small set of school lockers served our purposes beautifully. We appreciate the generosity of the donor who gave them to us!

When making the decision to purchase, you’ll find lockers for sale in a variety of prices. A gym locker would have worked fine for us. These can be ordered online or sometimes picked up used as school surplus items. We also had a simple wood locker donated that was great for storing office items.

If you are looking for lockers for sale you might want to look at They have almost any kind of locker for sale that any nonprofit would want. Live Help is offered, ordering is easy and a toll-free number is available. They might just be worth a look.

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