Saturday, May 15, 2010

Working with the Restorative Justice kids tomorrow.

Please pray that it doesn't rain. We'll be working with the Restorative Justice kids tomorrow. Pleasant Hill UMC donates space to us and we appreciate it. For lunch tomorrow we are hoping to grill some hot dogs. This is an inexpensive but tasty way to fill hungry stomaches.

The grill, of course, was provided by the United Methodist Men of the Holston Conference a couple of years ago. If it weren't for them the kids might get cold bologna sandwiches.

If it rains, we'll order pizza. The kids will still like it but it's not as fun.

We have a lot to do and always enjoy working with them. If you have the 3rd Saturday of the month free sometime come join us! We'll be taking June off but plan to be back in July. See you then!

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steven said...

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