Friday, September 18, 2009

Save money. Decorate Your Home with Thrift Shop Finds

People used to ask "How did you do that?" when they walked into the Ministry Center and saw the items that the kids made. To share the information, I've started posting about some of the things we did. The following are a couple of the how-to articles that tells you how we recreated those thrift shop type of items into terrific looking pieces.

The sad thing is that we no longer have a place to meet with our kids. We're still looking but haven't found a place that's affordable. We did some amazing work with items that were donated. Many of these types of pieces can be found in your local thrift shop. The projects that we worked on paled in comparison to the impact made on the kids lives. Working with the Hope Youth was a really cool experience.

Many of the kids that we worked with are juvenile offenders. Most of these were also victims of domestic violence. By working on the projects it gave the kids a chance to interact positively with an adult while learning a skill. The result was pretty powerful.

I hope that you enjoy the articles about the thrift shop type of pieces. The red table in the photo went to a guy who was able to move up from being homeless into having a place of his own. A kitchen table that was recreated previously went to a mother and children. It was a good experience all around.

We're posting the instructions here so our online clients can learn about how to decorate a home using thrift shop finds. We know that some of you will be going from a domestic violence shelter to your own home. Recycling items that are either found or are picked up from a thrift shop can be a good way to make your home pretty while saving money.

You may have some tips and hints of your own to share. Feel free to leave those great suggestions in the comments section of this article.

We hope you enjoy the links:

Recycle a metal thrift shop type of table.
Recycle a Ladderback Chair.
How to Makeover a Kitchen Table.


Randy R Cox said...

People that decorate their walls with art and posters often grow tired of the old and purchase new art. There is nothing wrong with the old stuff, they just grow tired of it.

Perhaps people with unwanted wall art might consider donating to your cause. A little cleaning of the art and frames, maybe a remount is all that is necessary to make it look new and wonderful.

The Hope Blog said...


Thank you for stopping by our blog. Even though we closed the ministry center we still work with juvenile offenders.

Items of the type that you mentioned are always welcome. The kids learn about art, recycling, gain skills and enjoy the work. To me, it's hard to beat that combination! :)

Stephanie said...

Thank you for your interesting blog posting.