Monday, August 31, 2009

Country Songs and Domestic Violence

This list started out after a friend and I had a conversation about #musicmonday on Twitter. We were talking about domestic violence. At about the same moment we had an idea to create a list of country songs that relate to domestic violence and to post it to Twitter as an awareness raiser.

There are a lot of country songs about domestic violence. This list will be added to in the future. We may also expand to other genres. Since our office is in the Southern US where country music reigns supreme we wanted to start here.

This is our #musicmonday list of country songs related to domestic violence or abuse:

1. Papa Loved Mama by Garth Brooks, Click here for lyrics.
2. Independence Day - by Martina McBride, You Tube Video
3. Concrete Angel - Martina McBride, You Tube Video
4. Goodbye Earl -
Dixie Chicks. You Tube Video
5. Me and Emily -
Rachel Proctor, Click here for lyrics.
6. Black Eyes, Blue Tears -
Shania Twain

Added from comments:
7. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood, on You Tube

8. Ask Me - Live Version- Amy Grant 

Not country but worth a mention:

9. Facedown - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. You Tube Video

This list was created in support of the many victims of domestic violence worldwide. Domestic violence is so prevalent that some people listen to these songs daily but never realize they are listening to songs about abuse.

If you are a victim in need of help visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline online at


Anonymous said...

Great list. I think the more we can be aware of these songs the more it will help.

Gayle Crabtree said...

"Walking Away a Winner" by Kathy Mattea was suggested during a phone call with a friend. I'm adding it here.

Anonymous said...

How about....

"Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood and "Ask Me" by Amy Grant. (technically ask me is about child abuse but its a really cool song.)

Anonymous said...

Not country but how about Facedown by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus?

Anonymous said...

how about with a broken wing by martina mcbride...

las vegas divorce lawyers said...

This kind of message should also be present to pop songs so that more people will be aware about the problem of domestic violence. It will make more difference if lots of people can hear these songs everyday.