Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recycled Furniture Recycles Lives

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We have kids working with us this summer under a stimulus grant. I'm so proud of them! Today they learned how to weave a chair bottom. The chair sold before the end of the day. Then, the kids transformed an ugly table into a thing of beauty. It's attracting so much attention that it won't be around long!

The other item that was finished today is an end table. It was worn, scratched and in need of TLC. Now, it looks fabulous in black and will no doubt last for many more years.

Watching the kids as they acquire these skills is fun! I'm excited for them!

But, there is a shadow looming on the horizon. We have not been as successful in selling items as we need to be. If you know of someone who can use beautiful items for their home please tell them about us.

Your purchases help us change lives. We work with victims of domestic violence, distribute free clothing, maintain a small food pantry and change the lives of juvenile offenders.

This weekend we hope to have a yard sale to raise needed cash. We are behind on our rent and have no idea where the $1,000 that is needed is going to come from. If you have a store that can take pieces on consignment or if you would like something nice for your home, please let us know.

See you at the yard sale!

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