Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Check Out This Set of Legs

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The table in picture 1 was donated to us. It was weak. It was wobbly. It was not the pretty.

A little TLC from kids working under a stimulus grant changed all that. They tightened screws. They brushed the legs with wire brushes and then sanded them. Then, the kids sealed the legs with Rustoleum.

The top of the table needed some TLC. Most of the top was a light color.
There were some areas that appeared to be multi-colored. In a few spots the surface was showing its age.

The kids went to work sanding, wiping and sanding some more. Then they applied a few fresh coats of Rustoleum enamel paint. When they finally finished they had a masterpiece on their hands.

Wouldn't it look great in your home or business?

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