Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Hello all! This is Allie speaking. I am very much looking forward to coming back this summer to work with the Hope Youth and with our intern Samantha. She is learning fast, and I think she will be very good at what she does once she gets used to us. It will be fun to work with her!

There have been some changes in the way I will do things this summer; I will be having more of a job-training feel to the program. As part of that, I will be teaching them how to make and market their own craft products through Hope For Healing.Org. It will be a good experience for all of us involved, I think, to craft and see the products of our labors enjoyed by other people.

It is possible to watch their self-esteem rise when they make something and know they've done well; nothing quite captures it. This is why I love my work.

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