Friday, May 29, 2009

More Publicity For

Its me again! So, yesterday Allie and I had a fun day trying to organize the store. We are getting there slowly but surely. Its really exciting to see. The store looked way different the first time I stepped foot into it and it has been made into something different.

Today I have been watching some more videos about crafts and looking at past newsletters so that I will actually know what I am doing when I sit down to do it.

I am actually working with a couple of radio stations trying to promote Electric 94.9 of Bristol, Virginia, is going to interview me. It hits four different states so that should bring a lot of coverage. WCRK of Morristown, Tennessee is going to run a public service annoucement for us, which I should be recording soon. I am working on getting Star 102.1 of Knoxville, Tennessee and the Knoxville News Sentinel to cover as well. So hopefully that can bring some money in for

Don't forget to click the link above to use the isearchigive search engine! That will help us out as well.

Have a great day!


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Jessica said...

you are amazing. i never had visited your actual site. i honestly didn't know much about what hope for the healing. i didn't know what it was or what exactly you did, but i just read your about page on the main site.

just wanted to come back here and tell you that i prayed for god's blessing on you and what you do!