Thursday, June 05, 2008

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Verizon Wireless Trains Almost 3,000 Managers Using SafeWork Certified Training Model

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Verizon Wireless Trains Almost 3,000 Managers Using SafeWork Certified Training Model

Domestic violence often goes unrecognized in the workplace. Yet, 1:3 women will be abused at some point in their lives. Even when it is recognized people seldom know what to say or how to act. This is why I'm so excited to learn about the CAPEV and their program SafeWork by Safe Horizon - a leading victim assistance organzation.

I'm too excited to keep quiet about the huge step Verizon Wireless has taken to combat Domestic Violence in the workplace. According to the above blog entry by Kim Wells (Executive Director of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence aka CAEPV), almost 3,000 Verizon Wireless managers have been trained to not only recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence but they now know how to respond.

So many of the victims we work with express frustration in not knowing who to talk with or what to do. Employee Assistance Programs sometimes don't have the information. Many have had no dealings with our nation's complicated legal system. They don't know where to begin to access what help is out there. They are lost, hurting and confused.

Having someone in the company who is trained to recognize and act can only help break down the confusion that leads a victim locked in silence.
Kudos to Verizon Wireless for implementing the Safe Work Certified Trainer Program! May many other companies follow your example!


Hannah said...

What a great idea! YES I hope others follow their example!

IndianasShameTeardropsForKatelynn said...

What would you do? Sugar and spice and everything nice.

This is suppose to every little girls life.

What happens when life is not like that?

What if your life is filled with constant abuse by the people who suppose to protect you?

For little Katelynn of Indiana, her life is filled with this from a father, stepmother and father's family; everyone but her the relatives that love her have been deined the ability to see her.

What happens when the police will not stop this?

Than try Child Protection Service, but they will not stop this either.

The next thing to do is go to the court.

What would you do if the Child Protection Services and the court helped the abusers hurt her?

The media might work but they ignore majority of average people.

In this search for help, several politicians ignored or said stop bothering them.

If these people will not help little katelynn than who will?

Will this little girl have to pay the ultimate price for these adults mistakes?

Now, what will you do?!

This is Indiana's Shame and these are Teardrops for Katelynn

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Don't let these little abused children be abused in silence anymore, please.

Tell someone!

Demand answers!

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Above all break through this silence for theses abused childrens sake!

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