Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We Need Cardboard, Newspaper and other Recyclables!

The ministry center closed in 2009. We are leaving this post in place to give other nonprofit organizations and thrift stores ideas on how recycling can help create money for your program.

Help us fill our dumpster! The dumpster that you see was provided by a local recycling company. Our community really came through for us by filling it with cardboard. Another dumpster was provided for newspaper.

Staff would call for a pick-up when the dumpsters were full. It didn't raise a huge amount of money but it did bring in some needed funding. Our costs to haul trash off were reversed so the recycle bins helped us save money that way too.

Our latest recyclable to collect is cardboard! Bring us your boxes, large or small. Put them in the large collection bin in the front of our shop. Break them down - or not - as you wish.

On Thursday, the collection bin for newspapers is scheduled to arrive. No need to tie or tape the bundles. Put them in a cardboard box and dump them in. Then, put your cardboard box in the other bin for recycling too. It's that simple!

Also, please bring us your old cell phones, empty ink jet, fax and toner cartridges.

Plus, we accept the following nonworking items:
  • Ipods
  • Laptops
  • Old digital cameras
  • Scrap metal, baking pans, worn out pots and pans
  • Nonworking appliances
  • Aluminum cans
  • Clothing
Proceeds help us help others.

We're sorry our ministry center closed in August 2009. These recyclables are no longer needed. Please recycle them locally. We appreciate your support. 

Thanks for recycling at Hope for Healing.Org. See you soon!

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