Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hope Youth are Top Carter High Grads!

We've always known our Hope Youth are tops. Now, we have even more reason to be proud of them.

Among the crowd at the graduation of Carter High School are two of our lead volunteers. Rachel Branson and Samantha Crabtree helped us set up the thrift shop, implement fundraisers and serve as leaders in our program. Lead Volunteers are youth who have completed set tasks and shown leadership potention. When inexperienced volunteers arrive to help they are paired up with a Lead Volunteer who will show them the ropes.

These young women not only excel at Hope for Healing.Org but are high achievers in other areas. Both are in the top 15 students in the class. They are members of the National Honor Society, have been recognized as Tennessee Scholars.

Always quick to lend a hand, you'll often find them helping out in their church and community. Their efforts lead to both of them being selected as recipients of the US President's Service award.

We are very proud of them! Samantha and Rachel, our hats are off to both of you!
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