Sunday, May 11, 2008

Strawberry Plains Spring Festival Photos

The 2008 Strawberry Plains Spring Festival was a great day of fun. It was sponsored by the Strawberry Plains Community Alliance.
Hope for Healing.Org and our thrift shop Secondhand Hope sit right in the middle of it. This was our second year to participate. What fun we had!
Our chairs made a great place to rest. It was the perfect spot to watch the parade. (Files are now being uploaded to You Tube. We'll post as soon as they are processed.) The Alliance placed a stage in our side yard. We were able to enjoy the music and keep up with the festivities.
The work started days ahead of time. We wanted everything to be perfect for the big day! Volunteer magic turned the trimwork on the shop building to domestic violence awareness purple from a weathered grey.
When community members found out our lawn mower had been stolen they pitched in to help! Our yard never looked better.

Other volunteers worked hard to get the shop ready. Inside racks were straightened and cleaned. All stock was merchandised and ready for new homes.
But what is a community event without munchies? A grill was loaned to us. Two great volunteers did the cooking. They did such a great job that we almost ran out of hot dogs - again! We did run out of sausage biscuits. Next year, we'll get more of each!
And was there a crowd? Oh yes!
The dress code for the day included smiles. There were plenty to go around!
We can't wait for next year's Strawberry Plains Spring Festival! Be watching for updates on the website of the Strawberry Plains Community Alliance.

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