Friday, May 23, 2008

Sister Agency Needs to Borrow a Truck. Can you help?

Stepping Out Ministries, a sister agency in Morristown is going to Biloxi, TN to minister to Katrina Victims. They do a great job. I've seen them give "A Queen's Banquet" before. It's a day of free clothing, free childcare, free food, worship, music, drama, dance, support and free Christian literature. Let me tell you, this fantastic experience and could be a lift to those who need it most.

But, there's a problem. The truck they were going to take is broken. Can you lend them one? Do you know anyone who can?

The following is what they sent to us. Read it and prayerfully consider if you can help them.

Blessings to you!


This is a call for help.

Stepping Out is holding "A Queen's Banquet" in Biloxi Mississippi for 200 Katrina victims.
Our responsibility is to set up the Boutique and hold the spiritual program.

This means that we must get our clothing racks, shoe racks, and clothing to Mississippi.
We have transportation for the workers but we just learned that the truck we were hoping to use is not running..

We need help. We need a truck to take the equipment south. The truck needs to be at lease a 20 foot box truck (like a u-haul truck) We also need to keep the truck for a week which is our biggest problem.

We could rent a truck but we are trying to be wise with our funds. If you know of anyone who may have a truck like this we would appreciate your letting us know so we can talk with them.

Or if you have any ideas at all that you think my help us in our situation, please let us know.

Thank you,

Moving forward in His name,

Patrice Puglise
Founder/Exc. Director
Stepping Out, Inc.
(423) 318-0999

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