Monday, May 26, 2008

Food Pantry Demand Is Up Across the Country

Uneasy Economy Puts More Demand on Food Banks

Gas vs Food vs Medications

That's the choice many of our clients have to live with. Stories like the one posted above tell you the problem is everywhere. Too many expenses combined with shrinking disposable incomes are a recipe for disaster for many people. Economists tell us the situation won't be improving anytime soon.

I hope they are wrong.

At Hope for Healing.Org we have a new supplemental canned food closet. It's small but it helps. People pick up extra items when they grocery shop and then bring the items to us. When we have someone who comes in with a need we give what we have.

That's one of the ways we make hope happen in Strawberry Plains. But it all comes through you. Were it not for the kindness of people like you, who read this blog and act, we could do nothing. Thank you for your support!

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