Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Recycling at Hope for Healing.Org!

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know that you can support Hope for Healing.Org and help the environment too? Donated used ink jet, fax and toner cartridges and old cell phones are sold to a recycler. The proceeds help us meet program expenses. Plus, it means less waste in our lanfills.

Used household items, aluminum cans, shoes and clothing helps too.

We have four streams of use for used clothing, purses, belts - even stinky tennis shoes!

Clothing, shoes and accessories are given to needy people in the area. When we get a referral from a school, pastor or other agency we respond out of stock on hand. Kids get shoes. People get clothing for work and other needs are met.

The next choice is the thrift shop. Clothing and household items are sold to raise money for our program. This keeps our lights turned on and the phone working. (Depending on quality or uniqueness some of this may go on our eBay site!) Thanks to people like you, we have a great selection!

Sometimes we get something we don't need. When this happens the clothing is sold at a bulk rate to an area recycler. Again, the money keeps our programs going. It also provides affordable clothing to third world countries. Haiti and Belize are two countries who receive used bulk clothing.

Have you seen our Hope Products? They are all recycled products.

We strive to recreate items that are not sellable to make them new again. One example is found is the cute denim bag I carry. This was once a pair of jeans. The knees were out but they were otherwise useable. With the help of one of the kids from Restorative Justice we recreated those old jeans into a functional, trendy purse. Her self-esteem soared when she learned a new skill!

What could be cooler than that?

How about re-melting odds and ends of candles to make new ones? Or how about refinishing furniture?

Still not convinced? Then, you should have been here when we made mirrors.

Someone gave us a stack of old picture frames. The glass was broken but the frames were good. The next item to come in that day was a broken mirror. We put them together with astounding results! With the help of elbow grease, wood sealer and a little know-how we recreated the frames into great mirrors.

Then there's all those aluminum cans that we collect. Scrap metals and non-working appliances go to a recycler and generate income too.

Some people get to celebrate Earth Day one day a year. We get to celebrate it for 365 days.

You can get involved too. We'll be glad to give you a collection box for cell phones, ink jets or aluminum cans. To collect cell phones you don't have to be local. We can provide boxes with shipping labels attached. Place the box in the common area of your church. Wait until it fills with at least 30 items. Then call the shipping company for a free pick-up. When they arrive just hand them box. Then, email us so we can send you another box. It's quick and easy.

If you're having a yard sale we'd love to come get your leftovers. (Of course, if you want to bring them to us that's fine too.)

Hope for Healing.Org is the only 501c3 nonprofit serving all of Strawberry Plains, TN. Our services include free clothing and household items for the less fortunate, Angel Food distribution, Restorative Justice, referrals and support for victims of domestic violence. We also maintain a top-ranked webpage and meet other needs on a case-by-case basis.

There are lots of easy ways to recycle with Hope for Healing.org. Getting started is easy. Call us at 865.933.8679 today! Or, email hopeinfo@hopeforhealing.org for your collection box.

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