Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Reflections..

Like some, today I attended a sunrise Easter church service. It's always interesting to arrive in darkness and leave in daylight. That's why Jesus came. He brought light in the darkness. Too often I fail to grasp this. Easter sunrise services are always a needed reminder.

Today's message focused on the women who found Jesus' tomb over 2,000 years ago. I wonder what they were thinking as they approached in the darkness. An earthquake rolled the stone away.

A few years ago a tree fell on our house. When darkness fell we had to go back in to gather some things that we'd left behind in our rush to flee the devastation. It made me nervous. Would the chimney that kept the tree from crashing through the living room hold? Would our flashlights be enough? What would we find when we got in?

My husband was with me as we approached the house. He's stronger than I am. It brought me comfort to have his strength. Ultimately, we got in. We got out. We were fine. I got to shake my head and give myself a stern lecture on being afraid.

Do you ever wonder about the women at the tomb? What were they thinking? What were they telling themselves? They were alone and only had each other. There were no men with the ladies on that first Easter morning. Did they wonder if the roof would fall? If anyone would lift the rocks if it did? The men had vanished. Would anyone have come if they had needed help? Could anyone hear them?

Of all the people who surrounded Jesus during his earthly walk only a few ladies had the courage to approach the tomb. They must have felt very alone.

When they found the tomb empty they despaired. When Jesus showed Himself that despair turned to jubilation and the world hasn't been the same since.

I sometimes wonder why they only had each other to lean on. I ask myself where everyone else was and question if I would have been able to show the courage these women did. They were just a few women against the odds. The elements were against them. And they were alone.

That's not a predicament I'd want to be in. Would you?

Yet, when you think about it, these ladies are not so different from the women I serve. They too must find the courage to face darkness in spite of overwhelming difficulty. Often, the victims we serve have no one but each other to lean on for earthly support. Many times my clients tell me of how Jesus reaches out to them where they are, and helps them through the darkness.

Just like He did all those years ago.

He came to bring the light into the darkness. I thank God He did. Don't you?

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