Friday, February 17, 2017

Life Worth Living

Worth living-
Your Life
Worth mending-
U are not forgotten
Or alone-
Together we share...
The same throne
A masterpiece we are/ the Lord within Our hearts
Days Of Agony
Nights of Abuse
Continuous moments-broken and used
The time has come/ its over
Its done-
To walk away alive...
Is for what we strive
With Gods Hands Over Us_
We will survive
If ur doubtful/of Gods Grace-
U can Find Peace Like I have
In the midst of addiction
Where I found my get away/ away from
All the moments underneath- underneath someone who believed I was beneath... Beneath them and so much more! I was called names/raped/abused/ in the streets is where I used... It got me no where/ until Now- where I found my peace - on my knees is where I earned my crown
So look above! There is Love- its not as far as u think' u are Beautiful/strong/and Unique Don't give up/because If I would of/ where would I Be?
On ur knees
Began To Pray- He is in ur Midst
And He Loves u today ..
Next week
He is there when u feel weak
No man Can
Take U from Him-
No Addiction can trap u where u stand
As Long as U call on Jesus/ there is nothing u can't do:) trust me I know-Im simply another u

Submitted by author Sylvia Kaylin Hart

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