Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas stress busters for holiday office parties

This is our fourth article in the series of Twelve tips to help survivors deal with holiday stress. It's all about Christmas office parties. These obligatory events are enjoyed by a lot of people but can be difficult for anyone who may not feel confident around others.

At some time or another we may all need Christmas stress busters for holiday office parties. We've talked about the importance of breathing and about giving ourselves a time-out. Here are a couple of other tips that may lift a little bit of the holiday stress. Each one has a link to the accompanying article for you to read.

Check back tomorrow for more from our Twelve Ways to Reduce Christmas Stress series. No tip will take 100% of the Christmas stress but these suggestions may help.

Have you ever heard 'the more you look like you fit in, the more you will fit in'? WATE News out of Knoxville, Tennessee suggests researching the office party dress code ahead of time. Looking good makes you feel good. Knowing that you are dressed right can be a confidence booster that will take some of the stress out of the party.

Another tip comes from Emily Post.

The etiquette experts at Emily Post suggests that you not over imbibe. As tempting as it may be getting tipsy can work against you. Survivors know that remainig sober means remaining in control. This isn't just good for your office reputation but can reduce your stress at the Christmas party.

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