Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Letting my 12-year-old dress herself and our dog for Halloween

Guest post written by Chantalle Christopher

My daughter Elizabeth is one of the most hard headed kids that I've ever come across and I teach middle school for a living, so that's really saying something. She loves to have things her way and for Halloween this year, I thought I'd let her win (as long as her outfit wasn't inappropriate). She also wanted to dress up our dog this year for the holiday and to take when she goes trick or treating. It took a little bit of convincing, but I decided to let her pick out a dog costume.

I looked online with her with our wireless internet Pittsburgh for the dog costume and we saw all kinds of cute costumes. Then after that I decided that I better make sure to go to the Halloween store with my daughter for her to try on costumes.

She had the dog costume idea of buying a witch costume. I thought that would be cute because she also wanted to dress up as a witch. Telling her which costume she could wear was a little bit tougher, though.

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