Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Online schools may help survivors of domestic violence with degrees

One of the things that survivors of domestic violence often think about is going back to school. For many survivors, obtaining a degree is the surest way to be able to become financially stable. Technology allows survivors the opportunity to obtain a degree online. Working on a degree from home can be reassuring. Those who are already involved in school my find security in a course schedule.

Getting a degree is a long process but one that pays off in lots of ways. Choosing the right school is critical. It can be helpful for survivors of domestic violence to do online searches for the best online degree colleges for 2011 and to ask friends or family for recommendations.

Financial aid is always a consideration. It's a reality today that most people cannot afford to attend any college or university without help. High tuition costs and increased student fees are not helpful. Grants, student loans and scholarships are key to being able to afford an education. With few exceptions, online degree seeking programs offer a variety of financial aid options.

Reading reviews about online schools getting recommendations from friends will make your decision easier. No matter what you choose, be safe. Always follow your safety plan. 

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Amy said...

This is a great article and a good suggestion. I'm getting my degree online and there are good, affordable, quality schools online to work with. Thanks for sharing.