Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Angel Food Ministries customers urged to contact host sites asap

It has been more than two years since our organization partnered with Angel Food Ministries. Even though we discontinued our participation we have reports from clients who still purchase food boxes from local host sites. If this is you, and if you ordered for September, we urge you to contact your local host site asap. 

Angel Food Ministries has suspended their food box program effective this month.  We got word today and wanted to pass the information along. Our executive director attempted to telephone for more information but only got through to an answering machine. The system advised that the mailbox was full so no message could be left.

The Angel Food Ministries website says that EBT refunds are still being processed. They advise debit and credit card customers to check with their bank about refunded payments. There was no mention on the answering machine and when payments will be refunded to customers who paid cash.

Many of you will have made your checks out to a church or to a local host site organization. The organization or host site was required by Angel Food Ministries to send all funds to them. 

If we have worked with who are facing food shortage may contact us. We will attempt to refer you to a food pantry in your area. Although the economy is potentially improving the economic downturn has taken its toll. We make no promises of any kind that the food pantry we may refer you to will still be in operation. But, we will do our best to make referrals to help you feed your families. 

Those of you who want more information about the shutdown can check the website of Angel Food Ministries.

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