Friday, August 19, 2011

Look for our table at the Calling All Men event in Kingsport

We are going to have a table at the Calling All Men event in Kingsport tomorrow. It's sponsored by the United Methodist Men of the Holston Conference. The event is a time of fellowship and revival for men. The breakout workshops are all by experienced leaders.

If you need direction God can guide you.
If you are tired the event will lift you up.
If you are looking to recharge your batteries Calling All Men offers revival.
If you want information the workshops will provide it.

The Calling All Men event is so popular that two weekends and two different parts of East Tennessee are involved. They are:
August 20 - Kingsport
August 27 - Knoxville

The brochure at says it better than anyone else can. Go there to download a brochure. Look for our table when you come to the event. We'll have information on domestic violence, our upcoming clergy training teleclass and brochures.

See you there!

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