Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How advertising can help a nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations like domestic violence and sexual assault programs need to their causes in the public eye. The economic downturn means that many agencies are feeling the pressure of helping more clients while relying on less money. Tragically, some nonprofit organizations are finding it impossible to continue operating.

An Advertising Agency may be able to help. Designing and implementing a successful advertising advertising campaign may help a nonprofit connect with previously untapped donors. Think of it this way.

Almost everyone knows that domestic violence and sexual assault are horrendous crimes. An assumption often is that a charity will be there to help if they need it themselves. What they don't connect is that their personal donations can help keep the doors of a help center open.

Advertising agencies are there to design campaigns so that the public can connect those dots. They know what buttons to push and how to push them so that the public responds. Donations may not be huge but every nonprofit employee knows that those $5 and $10 gifts can make a difference.

The first objection that any member of a board of directions will raise is the cost of paying the advertising agency. Having available funds for any project is always a consideration.

That doesn't mean the charity shouldn't consider getting help with cause awareness. It may be possible to design a campaign to fit the budget of the organization.

After all, anyone in the advertising business knows that they look good when their client looks good. It may be worth a call to see what wonders advertising can do for your nonprofit.

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