Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan

Ever since I was little football has been huge in my family and my parents are really taking it to the next level this year. They?ve decided to plan the family reunion around the big Virginia game which is fine by me since I was going to watch it anyway! I know my mom?s been planning a game day menu for months now and my dad went to WWW.expertSATELLITE.COM to make sure his satellite channels included the game and they?re even talking about getting a new flat screen TV to make the viewing party more fun. I can?t wait to see all of my family as we always have a blast at these reunions and it will be fun to be back in Virginia for a game again. My brothers and I are already plotting where we?re going to go out after the home festivities are over so it?s shaping up to be a weekend we?ll remember for a long time, or at least until next year?s similar events take place!

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