Saturday, April 02, 2011

Teal ribbons raise sexual assault awareness

Teal ribbons raise awareness of rape and sexual assault. Wearing one is an easy way to support survivors. These days, we aren't limited to wearing them on clothing. 

Today, we can change profile pictures to a teal ribbon. Ribbons can be posted on blogs or websites. In fact, you can use the one on this page to do just that. It's a good way to join the Social Medial Speakout for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April.

Visit your local craft store for teal ribbon and small safety pins to make an awareness ribbon that you can wear.  Don't worry if they happen to be out of the ribbon right now. That may actually be a good problem to have. Your purchase of a teal ribbon can help support  the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. They can be ordered from the link below. 

Before you do that, could you post this social media update? It would really help with our Sexual Assault Awareness Speakout for April.

Social media update:

April 2
Teal ribbons raise awareness of sexual assault. Are you wearing one? Get yours here. #SAAM, #CALCASA

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