Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Youth Discuss Bullying in Ten Mile, TN

Thanks to all who came together so youth could discuss bullying. Ten Mile, TN is a great place to visit. Our executive director enjoyed presenting and leading the discussion at Luminary United Methodist Church.

Bullying is not just a problem in schools but it's a marker for potential domestic violence involvement later. Bullies who learn to abuse others in school can make it a lifelong habit. Victims who are targeted may also be at higher risk for later victimization.

Kids who are victims often have trouble dealing with bullies.  Today's kids are often likely to text message or otherwise confide in their friends. Talking with an adult is crucial but it can be hard for a kid to identify an adult that they can trust.

Part of the discussion at Luminary UMC helped kids identify adults they could talk with. Kids need to know that they can go to teachers, counselors, coaches, youth directors and pastors with problems. They were also encouraged to keep telling until they get enough help that the bullying stops.

Honest, frank communication is a crucial first step toward finding a solution. No one deserves to be battered or abused.

Parents and educators can get more information from StopBullying.gov

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