Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sexual Assault Awareness Month April Social Media Speakout

Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April we're hosting our first Social Media Speakout. Raising awareness of rape and sexual violence is easier than you think. 

Each day we'll post a status update to our blog that you can post to your favorite social media site. FacebookTwitter, Digg or other social media sites can be perfect for raising awareness. If you forget don't worry. Our blog posts will go via the Twitter account linked above. Feel free to RT or share our posts by using the handy tools below.

Please use the hashtag #SAAM so others can easily spot your updates. Our first Social Media Speakout by Hope for Healing Org has the potential to be a powerful tool to raise awareness of rape, sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence. 

Other daily social media updates are available from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Some of these updates may need to be  adjusted to fit some social media or microblogging sites. 

We hope that you will join our Social Media Speakout for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The posts begin on April 1. 

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