Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can you donate a display board

We are in need of a table top display board. It needs to be in good shape but does not have to be perfect. Hope for Healing.Org has the opportunity to display at several awareness events in the near future. A display board would go a long way toward helping us educate the public about domestic violence.

A few months ago the kids that we work with created a foam core display for us to use. It's lightweight and colorful. They worked hard on it and we love it. The problem is that it isn't sturdy. The foam core easily blows off of the table and is very easy to knock over.

The foam core boards could still be used at indoor events. It's eye catching and the kids did a great job. It's just a little difficult to use effectively outside. A slight breeze and the boards go everywhere.

We're hoping to find one that's similar to this one from It's a Quick Ship: Economical Table Top Display. We aren't picky about the color.

If you happen to have one that  you would like to donate please let us know. Staff would be glad to meet you somewhere or pick it up. A tax receipt can be provided. Our email address is hello(at) We hope that you can help. 

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