Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rain harvesting makes environmental and financial sense

As more emphasis is being placed on water conservation the demand for rain barrels is going to increase. A rain barrel will effectively catch rain water runoff so you can use it later. Instead of going to waste, the water can then be used to water the yard or garden, wash the car, in the bathroom or almost any other time you need water.

Simply Rain offers great selection and pricing. There are rain water barrels to find the budget of any home. Although there are less expensive options buying a rain water barrel should be considered an investment.

Rain harvesting makes it possible to lower your monthly water bill. The savings may pay for the barrel in short order and continue to help you save even more money in the long run.

Simply Rain has a full line of rain barrels for sale. Their large selection guarantees that you will be able find the right one for your needs.

At least one style of rain barrel for sale is disguised as a lovely garden accessory. There are several others with a more utilitarian look. People who are short on space may want to take advantage of any of the several styles of collapsible varieties that are available.

Rain harvesting makes sense from an economic and an environmental standpoint. Many communities face summer water shortages. Restrictions are often placed on lawn watering or car washing. Having your own supply means that you’ll have water when you need it. Why not click on any of the links above to start collecting rain water today?
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Deb said...

We have a rain barrel...of course ours is just a big old blue hard plastic barrel that Jack got from somewhere...but it works!!! Thanks for stopping by Jeremiah 29:11 and commenting on my INSANITY!! ;)
Hope you have a blessed weekend!