Monday, September 20, 2010

Check Camel Back Displays for crowd control needs

It can often be a necessity to control the movment a group of people. It is not uncommon for us to try to protect our Hope Quilt. This special quilt contains squares and blocks that are made by victims and survivors of sexual or domestic violence. It is one of a kind and completely irreplaceable. Some of the artwork and attachments are fragile. We’re concerned that they may not withstand handling.

Other situations where a nonprofit organization may need crowd control might be at a silent auction or book signing. Lots of domestic violence and sexual assault programs have large scale events. At concerts or craft shows it may be necessary to keep a straight line for ticket-taking or the payment of entrance fees.

Stanchions work well when teamed up with velvet rope. This combination is often unbeatable for most events. It’s a good way to protect something like our Hope Quilt or even an art display. The stanchions and velvet rope adds class while providing the crowd control that the nonprofit needs.

There are some occasions where domestic Violence and sexual assault programs may need large barricades. These are best if you are blocking off a street. They also work well if you need to restrict driveway access at a country club or inn. They are almost always needed at outdoor concerts, festivals and street fairs.
Nonprofits may want to consider Camel Back Displays for these and other display needs.

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