Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids on Saturday

Good news. Kids from restorative justice and youth volunteers are coming on Saturday. We have a ton of great things to work on. We're setting up a domestic violence display table at an event next month. This means that there are lots of brochures to fold and packets to staple. If that's not enough we have a chair and other projects to finish  up.

The work that we do with the kids involved in restorative justice is very important to us. These are kids who have become involved with the court system because of bad choices that they've made. Many of the kids come from families that are ill equipped to prepare them for success. Often they are already familiar with domestic violence.

Our goals are to make a connect with these youth, to give them something to feel proud about and model healthy behavior. We succeed more often than we do not. Sometimes all they need is a kind word to boost their confidence.

Voices of Hope featured 2 people who are with the Knox County restorative justice system. These guys are an amazing part of the solution. The show is available as a free podcast. Download it here and listen. You can put it on your iPod or burn a CD. It will help you get a better understanding of restorative justice and why it's so important to us to work with them.

After you listen to it contact us. We have a screening process but volunteers are welcome to mentor or to help with our other programs. Email to learn more.

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