Thursday, June 10, 2010

Use RepairPal for cost estimates on vehicle repair

It is especially important for women to keep their vehicles in good running order. Vehicle breakdowns can not only increase car repair costs but may raise the risk of being preyed upon by seemingly legitimate businesses. It can also increase the risk of being a victim of other types of crime.

If you do have a car breakdown don’t panic. Use your cell phone to notify family and call for a wrecker. If you belong to an automobile club you may be asked to stay on the phone until help arrives.

After you are home and safe you will no doubt want to begin searching for car repair estimates. Repair Pal is an easy to use website that lets you compare car repair estimates in only a few minutes. This search engine scours the net to bring you relevant repair information for your geographic area.

For example, if you are looking for San Diego auto repair all you need to do is go to the Repair Pal website and type in your location.

Next you will be asked for your type of vehicle. Whether you drive a Ford F-150 pickup truck or a smaller Toyota Prius, RepairPal will have you covered. You will also be asked for the year of your car so go ahead and put that in as well.

For RepairPal to work best you’ll need to have an idea of what’s wrong with your car. This can be as simple as typing in "check engine light” or “front breaks”.

In a few seconds you’ll be given a cost estimate and information on car repair locations in your area. This will help you choose which auto shop may be best for you to use.

With car repair the best defense is a good offense. Almost all mechanics will suggest checking your fluid levels and tire pressure regularly. This may help to spot problems early so that your vehicle is less likely to leave you stranded.

Brought to you by our friends at Repair Pal.

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