Sunday, June 20, 2010

Podmaska handles Rhode Island insurance needs

~~ Many thanks to Podmaska for your sponsorship~~

Have you ever considered moving to Rhode Island like I have? At one time or another we all consider or dream of moving to a different city or state. With nature trails and historical landmarks, Providence is a lovely city with lots to offer to families, couples or retirees alike.

Insurance is always needed anytime someone moves to a new state or city. That’s why I’m thinking of purchasing insurance from Podmaska. They handle Rhode Island auto insurance at rates that seem to be competitive.

Naturally, I’ll need to look into Rhode Island home insurance. Any bank or loan company will want to be sure that my home investment (and theirs) will be protected against anything unforeseen.

My small company may also benefit from Rhode Island business insurance. It’s good to know that Podmaska can handle that.

By Emily
Guest blogger

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