Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggers needed for our 2010 Blogathon to help rape survivors heal

Last year's blogathon was such a success that we're doing it again. August 28, 2010 is the big day. We need bloggers to help make this a success. Participating bloggers ask friends or family members to sponsor them as they blog on August 28. Bloggers can be sponsored with a one-time donation or a set amount for each blog post.

We'll be posting links to all participating bloggers on this blog. Whenever possible we'll also do a short write-up about your blog as a thank you.

Then, when it's all over participating bloggers will collect their funds and send them in. Donations can be paid by credit card, Pay Pal, check, money order or can be sent in by carrier pigeon. (The pigeon method may be a tad unreliable.)

Donations go into our general fund. This helps us run the website to help rape survivors, keep Voices of Hope on the internet airwaves, maintain this blog, provide support to victims and change the lives of juvenile offenders.

Want to help? Email us at We'll get an email packet out to you ASAP! Thanks for joining us. We look forward to having you aboard for the Hope for Healing.Org Blogathon 2010!

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

Reading your blog reminds me of an author I know. Angelica Harris is a domestic abuse survivor who has healed many of her own life's struggles through writing. Check out her website and books- maybe you could work together.