Monday, June 07, 2010

Axishouse offers recovery from drugs or alcohol

Axishouse Residential Treatment Centers offers more than simply drug rehab. They offer an almost revolutionary program that can be individualized to each person. Recovering from addiction is a tough process. No matter what form of drug treatment a person receives the goal is recovery.

Here, you will find a homelike environment with supportive staff. Their goal is to provide services in a family type of setting. That’s a far cry from the environment offered at the usual drug or alcohol rehab institution!

Alcohol treatment is also offered as are services to those who are dually diagnosed with both drug and alcohol problems. According to their website much of the staff is in recovery themselves. This gives you the impression that they mean it when they say they know how you feel.

Axishouse is located in Indian Wells, California. It’s setting against palm trees and cactus can make you feel at home almost immediately. You can arrange a tour of this drug and alcohol treatment center at any time.

Many thanks to Axishouse for supporting this blog.

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