Friday, May 28, 2010 offers values that everyone can use

Have you seen the coupons that are offered on the website? I found links to some helpful values. Savings were available on many everyday household products. These ranged from cereals to my favorite craft store.  (Since our volunteers make craft items to benefit our nonprofit we can always use a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby.)

After a little more research I was able to find an HP coupon that may help us save money on ink jet cartridges.  That’ll help our bottom line!

Depending on funding, in the next few months we may be in the market for another digital camera. Ours is a few years old and becoming unreliable. We’re looking at sites like Consumer Reports to help us find the most dependable camera

I decided to use the website to look for Best Buy coupons in case there are some values to be found. Sure enough, they have some money saving coupons listed there too.

It’s more important than ever for nonprofit organizations to save money. We have not used yet but that may change in the near future.

Brought to you by our friends at Savings . com. 

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