Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Google, Please Bring Your Internet to Knoxville, TN

Here's why I think Knoxville, TN can use Google Internet. If you haven't gone to Google and voted yet please do.

Gayle Crabtree

Dear Google,

When it comes to educating our kids Knoxville, Tennessee could do better. We already have the best team of dedicated teachers that exist anywhere. The problem is that kids need tools at home that they can use. Not everyone in Knox County has access to the internet.  I believe that Google internet can help with that.

Nonprofits like this one often receive donations of laptops and desktops. Parts from nonworking machines are salvaged to create a working system. We've seen families who received these computers become excited only to have their hopes dashed because of lack of internet accessibility. 

Google High Speed Fiberoptics would not just help our county. It would help our children to move forward by giving them the tools they need to succeed. This not only helps Knoxville, Tennessee to have a top quality work force but it will build Google brand loyalty and awareness for generations to come. 

We hope that you will consider Knoxville, Tennessee as a recipient of Google Fiber for Communities.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

This is a YouTube video link of the kids we work with as an organization. Please help us help them get internet access.

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