Monday, January 11, 2010

Does Knoxville Have Human Trafficking Issues?

Does Knoxville have human trafficking issues. Yesterday's post got us to thinking. After our experience with a trafficking victim and after yesterdays article, I decided to do some digging. What I found surprised me. In several cases the perpetrators were caught and the arrests made the newspapers. Some of the articles are 2 years old. It makes me wonder two things: how many cases are in the area and how will ever know for sure?

The links to some of the news articles that I found are listed below:

WBIR: Woman Held in Human Trafficking Case to Be Deported
WATE: Possible Human Trafficking Case in Chattanooga
Volunteer TV: Memphis Man Arrested in Lexington
WBIR Middle Tennessee Sees Rise in Human Trafficking
MyFox Chattanooga: NC Police Act on "Good Tip" in Missing Girl Case

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