Sunday, December 06, 2009

Channon Christian Chris Newsom Murders and George Thomas Trial

The Channon Christian and Chris Newsom murders rocked Knoxville like no other crime has ever done. There are overtones of racism, sexism, poverty mindset and a list of destructed lives. Christmas season is normally a time of rejoicing and family gatherings. For the Christian and Newsom families the George Thomas trial is a chilling reminder of the brokenness of their families.

Two other men have been tried and found guilty for their part  in the Christian and Newsom rapes and murders. Neither Lemarcius Davidson nor Letalivis Cobbins will again spend Christmas with their families. Instead, they will be guests of the Tennessee Department of  Corrections for the rest of their lives. For crime victims, the comfort is small.

Monday, defense attorneys will argue for the acquittal of George Thomas for any part he played in rape and murder of Christian and Newsom. This is a standard move by defense attorneys. We hope that the move will be denied. One of the best presents that the families of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom could receive this Christmas is the gift of justice.

Will justice prevail? The families and the rest of Knoxville is waiting to find out.


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