Thursday, November 12, 2009

Angelica Harris on Blog Talk Radio Voices of Hope 11/17/09


Visit Voices of Hope on Blog Talk Radio now to set a show reminder. You will want to hear how author Angelica Harris has partnered with NY Life to make a difference in the lives of abused children. Hear her inspiring story. Celebrate her achievements. Read more aborut Angelica Harris below.

Mythical Fantasy author Angelica Harris,, lives in NY with her family. She is the author of books The Quest for Excalibur and Excalibur and the Holy Grail. Harris is a member of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Glendale Kiwanis, the Society for Creative Anachronism and loves Fencing. Angelica is the Producer/ Director of the Hall of Imagination at Frankie’s Playce in Atlas Park Queens. Her third book, Excalibur Reclaims Her King, with Corey Blake was released in April 2009. 

Voices of Hope airs on Tuesday at 12Noon (EST).  
Call in or listen live 718.506.1545 or click on the link above.  

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Gail P Smith said...

Hi Angela,
I was looking over your blog radio show today and was wondering if you might be interested in interviewing and author whose book I've been helping promote. I've included some information and his website below. Please contact me if you would be interested in setting up an interview.

Thomas Edward knows first-hand the emotional and physical pain associated with sexual abuse and neglect. He understands what it’s like to suffer in silence with nowhere to turn. And he’s passionate about helping other male survivors heal from the aftermath of their abuse and move from surviving to thriving.
Tom wrote Healing a Man’s Heart, a workbook designed to help Christian men face, admit, and deal with their abuse. He says, “I wrote this workbook for men who are stuck just like I used to be—men whose hearts long to be set free, but fear dampens and steals any ray of hope.” His goal is for men to become comfortable addressing the issues within them and eventually arrive to a point of breaking the silence.
Tom also conducts “Healing Broken Men” workshop retreats, which are great for participants to start or continue their healing in a safe, private, and supportive environment. Workshop sessions include losing the victim status, removing the fear factor, destroying lies and myths, repainting your picture with truth, and reclaiming God’s identity for you.
For more information about Thomas Edward, the Healing a Man’s Heart workbook, or the Healing Broken Men workshops, visit