Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hope for Healing.Org Has a Chance to Win $50,000!

Hope for Healing.Org has a chance to win $50,000! Help us help victims of sexual or domestic violence.

To win the money we have to get the most donations to our Cause Page between now and November 7, 2009. If we can get the most people to donate in any one day we can win daily awards of $1,000 or $500.

As our blog readers know we just recently closed our Mission Center in rural Strawberry Plains, Tennessee.. Because of the sluggish economy we just were not able to keep our doors open. Winning the $50,000 would again make it possible for us to give clothing to local children, distribute food and help local families who are torn apart by domestic violence.

We are not letting being without an office stop us from helping others. We still provide support to victims online and work to educate the public. Voices of Hope on Blog Talk Radio is still going strong. In fact, we are working harder than ever to help victims. This is why we need your help to win the $50,000

Helping us win is easy. Visit our Facebook Cause Page to learn more about us. Then, go to the donation page and give at least $10. Next all you have to do is tell your wonderful Facebook Friends about your good deed. This will encourage them to help too.

Don't forget to visit regularly and track our progress. We'll be posting regularly here too. Together, we can make a difference for victims.

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